Sweet P's expert estheticians can wax any, and all unwanted hair. From perfectly shaping eye brows to more intimate waxing, we have you covered. Using both soft and hard wax we can assure a through wax while minimizing skin sensitivity.

3-4 weeks of hair growth is recommended for ideal results. Certain medications may interfere with waxing. Consultations are available to answer any questions.

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Common Waxing Questions:

Does it hurt?

Well…let’s just say pulling the hair out of the follicle (the hole that the hair lives in) will not feel pleasant. Try not to overthink this part though. Pain is individualized to each person and each person feels different about it. Mind over matter, right?!? We wax in small batches so keep the pain to a minimum. Our experienced makes your service easy. We know just how to hold the skin and apply the wax, to makes things as easy as possible.

A couple tips to keep in mind:

  • We know we live in the land of coffee, but too much caffeine right before your service can make you a tad jumpier, or sensitive.

  • You may be a little more sensitive right before your period.

  • Make sure you are well rested and hydrated the night before and you will find that it’s not as bad as you imagine it will be.

Can I get waxed while on my period?

Of course, as long as you’re wearing a tampon. You may be more sensitive to waxing during this time, but no need to reschedule your service if you’re up for it.

Do you do male waxing?

Yes. We are trained in full body male waxing. We are discrete and professional with each persons service.

Do I need to trim?

Trimming is always appreciated but not required. We do not want the hair too short so if you are not familiar with the length it should be, go ahead and leave it.

Do you double dip?

This is such an important question to ask anyone who waxes! Our answer is NEVER ever EVER do we double dip!

What kind of wax do you use?

Typically, we tend to use soft wax, but we do have both hard wax and soft wax as an option. There are a ton of different types, brands and colors of wax. Some we are familiar with, and some we are not, but we do use a professional grade wax we are comfortable using.

What is the difference between hard wax and soft wax?

Soft wax is warm and is removed typically with a pelon strip. It’s applied in the direction of the hair growth the removed with a strip. Soft wax is more effective for finer or softer hair. Hard wax starts out warm, then cools and hardens, trapping the hair in the wax. It is removed without the use of a strip.

How long do the results last?

2-4 weeks. Unlike shaving, waxing removes the hair from the root or hair follicle. The now empty follicle will have to reproduce a root in order for a new hair to grow back. It takes about one week for the follicle to go through this process. Once the root is produced, the hair will then start to grow. You should be hair-free for at least 7-10 days but everyone’s growth cycle is different. Week two, hair will start to grow and by week four, your hair will be long enough to be waxed. At week four, you should only have about 30% of your hair back which will be finer, thinner, and sparse.

When should I get waxed again?

We recommend maintenance waxing is every four weeks and do offer a maintenance discount for Brazilians done every 4 weeks.

Should I apply anything after my wax?

No. It’s best to leave the waxed area alone. On average, the skin should return to normal within a couple of hours. Keep in mind redness and bumps are normal for up to 48 hours depending on your skin and its sensitivity.