Can you make me look younger?

Can you make me look younger?

I hear it at almost every wedding I’m doing makeup at. There is at least one bridesmaid, one mother, aunt, or friend who asks this question. As a makeup artist, I can do some pretty magical stuff with amazing professional products, tools, and techniques! No matter what, I got you, you are going to look like your best version, but there is something better! Daily moisturizer and sun protection! Yup, we are talking about the root of the problem today, and not just the pretty makeup on top. At any age, sun protection and moisturizer is the best combination to fight aging.

The first question I get is, “Why can I not use a two in one moisturizer with SPF?” My answer, “You can as long as you are planning to use about two tablespoons of that moisturizer on your face and neck.” There generally isn’t enough SPF in the combination products to protect yourself using the amount of moisturizer we would naturally use. Always use a separate SPF.

When we are out in the elements, (anything more than running from home to your car, or office to the bank), you should be reapplying every two hours! I know, that sounds crazy, but it is the only way to protect yourself. We don’t need anything more than 30SPF, it doesn’t buy you that much more time, so a solid SPF 30 is all most professionals will recommend to avoid premature aging and protection from those devilish UV rays.

A few UV ray basic info and fun facts:

  • UVA rays or “aging rays”. This is the least damaging type of UV rays, but causes aging, damage to our DNA, and worst of all skin cancer.

  • UVB rays or “burning rays”. These rays activate the production of vitamin D. Before you get excited, we only need about 15 minutes of UVB rays per day. Too much exposure destroys our vitamin A and gives us sun damage. Freckles are so cute, but they are sun damage friends!

  • UVC rays or “catastrophic rays”. Catastrophic as in the scariest type of UV rays. The silver lining is our ozone layer stops these rays so no need to worry about these.

  • UV rays go through windows

  • UV rays go through clothing

  • Hats and umbrellas are great, but UV rays can still penetrate right through them.

  • UV rays can go through clouds, they reflect off the road, snow, sand, and water, so any way you spin it, UV rays are everywhere!

  • Some beauty products have a UV filter listed as octinoxate or octylmethoxycinnamate (OMC).  Avoid these like the plague unless you are using them for evening wear.

  • There are two types of sun protections;

o Chemical: Absorbs the sun's rays, then the ingredients within the sun protection converts the rays into heat, and releases them from the body (octocrylene, avobenzone and octinoxate).  

o Physical: Protect your skin from the sun by locking the sun's rays (Zinc and titanium dioxide).  These SPF’s use sun-blocking compounds which are derived from minerals and what I personally recommend whenever possible.  This is also the best option for kiddos!  

Moisturizer! There are so many to pick from, how in the world do we pick the right one? Since we all have such different skin types, I recommend going to your local esthetician, or if your debit card needs a break, head to your closest esthetician school. Although I did come from a makeup counter, I do feel a skincare professional’s opinion is best and will help you truly understand what your skin is up to and what it’s needs are. Most OTC moisturizers will only take your skin so far, and a lot have harmful and/ or toxic ingredients in them, so it is always nice to have someone who can break down ingredients and derivatives of ingredients on your behalf. When you do go to an esthetician and get a facial, invest in what they recommend. You only have one face so it’s worth using a quality product to help prevent in the long run.

Biggest take away is… apply SPF daily- no matter what age, no matter how much melanin you have and apply a daily moisturizer an esthetician recommends because we all will want to look 20 years younger at some point.

-XOXO Tiffany-